Anton Henning

Anton Henning

German artist Anton Henning will present an installation, alongside his largest painting to date, for a second solo exhibition at Haunch of Venison, Haunch of Venison Yard, London W1. Using

Back to school

Many consultancies are reluctant to send their staff on training courses, but there is much to be said for establishing a learning culture at work. Fiona Sibley looks at some


It’s good to talk

Blogs and other user-generated content are creating a mass of hard-to-navigate debate on the Web. Scott Billings takes a look at how digital designers could be meeting these challenges, particularly


An ear for design

Acoustic elements are becoming increasingly integral to both art and design works. Oliver Bennett examines the ideas raised by an exhibition of sonic art, while Mike Dempsey looks at the


Purple Circle brands Bewilderwood

Norfolk is set to unveil its latest visitor attraction in the shape of a £1.8m adventure park called Bewilderwood, with branding by Nottingham-based design consultancy Purple Circle Brand Consultants.Bewilderwood is

Mrs Meyer's

Packaging & Branding

Packaging design is in a state of flux. Where once there was a clear definition between packs for branded goods and own-brand lines, the categories are noticeably merging. Judging by


The pressure to conform

Supermarket buying power and an obsession with bestsellers are having a negative effect on creativity in book-jacket design

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