Lambie-Nairn poised to show millennium identity

The New Millennium Experience is to unveil plans for the third stage of its identity next week. Lambie-Nairn is designing the entire project.

This will follow the launch of the “new Britannia” statue logo last week (pictured right), which will appear on promotional material, flags and tickets for Millennium Festival events.

The first part of the identity programme was the umbrella NMEC identity (DW 27 February).

“The ‘new Britannia’ logo is the second in a number of stages for the identity. Between them they will represent the total experience of the Millennium Festival,” says a Lambie-Nairn spokesman.

It is expected that two or more new identity dimensions will be announced on 18 June. Details are currently under wraps. “The idea is to take the identity in different directions, giving it additional elements to give it more depth,” says the spokesman.

Lambie-Nairn denies the statue will be animated for television or a website, despite the consultancy’s background in television design.

The identity will work separately from Lloyd Northover Citigate’s Millennium Mark, created for the Millennium Commission, the group responsible for the non-festival part of the millennium initiative (DW 9 January). NMEC looks after the festival part.

Further statues are also planned as a continuation of stage two. These will appear in the Millennium Festival and on promotional material.

Martin Lambie-Nairn is effectively carrying out the job of former NMEC creative director Stephen Bayley, who resigned last year. “Martin is responsible for the overall identity of the Dome and other Millennium Festival events. He is doing exactly what [Stephen] Bayley was doing, except he does not have a title,” says the Lambie-Nairn spokesman.

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