A brand new makeover

It is always good to see designers showing appreciation of the work of their peers.

It was interesting, then, to hear the loudly expressed opinions from the Wolff Olins table at the Design Week Awards dinner, last week. The winners and runners-up, in virtually all categories, were, according to the Wolff Olins team, ‘Crap’, ‘Wank’, or ‘Bollocks’.

Luckily for them, the Wolff Olins team did not have to endure such comments as they didn’t win any awards.

Two days later the scamps were at it again: a Wolff Olins creative director told the Daily Mail that CDT Design’s new DCMS logo was ‘just a mark and a group of initials…They need a real brand’. Wolff Olins pitched for the DCMS contract and was responsible for the well received Diageo identity.

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