Drawn together

Digital illustrations for the Potentia brochure, a unique service for assessing human potential in business, were created by Gary Neill of the Central Illustration Agency. Designed by Fonda, the five illustrations use graphic symbols with a semi-abstract theme to highlight the company’s belief that investment in talent is an essential element of long-term corporate development. Although the images are produced on the computer, they appear sketchy, bold and lively.

Gary Neill c/o the Central Illustration Agency Tel: 0171-240 8925.

Corporate brand specialist Lambie-Nairn commissioned illustrator Haydn Cornner to produce a series of images for BBC Radio 3. Cornner’s work is applied across a wide range of marketing materials from national press ads to exhibition displays Lambie-Nairn designer Polly French favoured Cornner’s ‘distinctive style to complement Lambie-Nairn’s new brand identity for BBC Radio 3’.

Haydn Cornner c/o Central Illustration Agency Tel: 0171-240 8925.

Designed by Edinburgh based Marketing Advantage, the Tullis Russell Mellotex Watercolours swatch targets designers and printers, aiming to raise the profile of the paper range. Marketing Advantage commissioned a variety of illustrators to enhance the subtle shades and delicate hints of colour by using a range of different illustrative styles. Clare Hewitt produced this particular image to illustrate the whisper green stock.

Clare Hewitt Tel: 0131-229 8345.

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