Umbrella design doesn’t cover ‘helping people’

I note David Bernstein’s definitions of design and, plus or minus a few semantics, would have to go with the ‘helping people’ definition, putting function above form.

So I fi

nd myself gazing with wonder at Nick Paterson’s Muji Design Award-winning umbrella (DW 27 September). This is because of its natty design, not because of its functionality.

Consider the hand of the user. Not only is this straining to combat the wicked twisting moment of the gusting wind but the hand also serves to direct the water running off the top of the umbrella and down the handle, straight on down the sleeve. Please tell me that you aren’t supposed to walk with your arm cocked to one side too.

I note that Henrik Fisker’s (Client Profile, DW 27 September) was disappointed in his recent umbrella purchase, perhaps a sign of things to come.

Chris Spalding

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