What’s in a name when you’re way out west?

Glastonbury, Leylines, Lib Dems, Tallneckdemon? What is it about the West Country?

‘Foetal design management guru’ and graphic designer Kate McDonnell has set up trend research group Tallneckdemon to offer ‘nuggets of free advice’ and ‘a certificate of congratulations to those businesses offering outstanding services’ in Bath.

‘Tallneckdemon is an anagram of my name,’ she says. ‘You can market anything under any name if you have the right attitude.’ Quite so.

McDonnell already works with Crown Greetings, editing and designing an internal publication, Toast.

There’s clearly money in all this sorcery. McDonnell plans to expand the business shortly and will be targeting ‘companies I use as an individual’. Virgin and Lloyds TSB will soon be spellbound.

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