Cornwall welcomes the present influx of creative businesses

It’s fantastic to see not one, but two recent articles on the flourishing Cornish design community (DW 30 August and 13 September).

The businesses featured demonstrate the breadth of creative talent we have in the county, working for a vast number of local, national and international clients.

Cornwall Pure Business, an inward investment service, is seeing a flurry of design consultancies relocating to Cornwall, attracted by the landscape and reeled in by the significant recent advancements in communication technology that make doing business here as easy as in any urban location.

Organisations such as ours, and other Cornwall-based design consultancies, have a responsibility to support these new businesses to nurture our flourishing creative economy. Some people think of us as being at the sharp end of the country. We like to think that Cornwall is at the sharp end of design thinking, too.

Lucy Hunt, Inward investment manager, Cornwall Pure Business, Truro, Cornwall TR1 1EA

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