Sainsbury’s? Green? Try remembering to close the fridge door

You recently ran a Web story about Sainsbury’s invitation to design consultancies to help it roll out its Ecostore concept, following the opening of its flagship in Dartmouth, Devon (pictured) (www.designweek., 29 August).

Surely Sainsbury’s could improve its environmental credentials and carbon footprint at a stroke by stopping selling unseasonal fruit and vegetables flown in from the African and South American continents.

It could also consider cutting back on the amount of open-faced chiller units that populate its stores.

Does Sainsbury’s really think consumers are too lazy to open a glass door?

Nick Threlfall, Gensler, by e-mail

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  • Mat Strange November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Actually this new eco store has got doors on its fridges…..

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