Open day gives graduates a valuable opportunity

The stream of ill-advised graduate CVs are beginning to flow in. Are colleges really preparing graduates for the impossible task of finding a job? It seems that all the students’ effort is going into the work, with little thought as to how they will get their foot in the door, let alone how they will present themselves during the interview.

Presentation is everything, so when the shabby envelope with my name incorrectly spelt (Mr Bottom being the most popular) arrives, you wonder what all these graduates will end up doing.

We have judged a book by its cover in the past, but we are now looking to remedy that.

To this end, we have decided to give these people a chance and an honest opinion, while sharing a little insight into our business.

We will be holding the first of a series of annual consultancy open days for design graduates on Thursday 19 August. There will be no need for CVs or letters. Graduates just need to turn up between noon and 6pm.

Participants will be allocated five minutes to impress us in a one-to-one interview. They will then tour the office to see how we work. The plan is to follow this up with a second, more detailed interview and then take someone on for a three-month placement.

Darren Bolton

Group creative director


London SW10

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