Christmas – snowflakes, mirror board, baubles, stars, Rudolph, cheap lights, advent calendars, Santa, snow, and that eternal sleigh with gifts tumbling off. That is the cliché that is Christmas graphics in retail.

You could swap the images from one retailer to another and no one would notice, as it is all surface decoration with little or no thought about the brand or the customer. Most are simply using Christmas to decorate the store, with little regard for the market, their competition and the high street situation.

So when we won the Freespirit POS project, we wanted to make a statement about the brand, Christmas and the poor sods that get socks and cardigans every year.

We spent hours marvelling and being (un)inspired by all the Christmas dross, and concluded that we needed an approach that would stand out – not a huge problem – and add appropriate (to the target market) humour, without relying on the norm of Christmas decorations.

We hope you all had a great Christmas and have kept your receipts.

Paul King and Chris Capron

Vivid Brand

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