BA takes off all world imagery

FutureBrand is helping British Airways to do away with the last remnants of the airline’s much-maligned world imagery identity.

The identity, created by the then Newell and Sorrell, will be killed off over the next 18 months.

BA announced that it was repainting its tailfins to carry the Union Flag two months ago.

However, Design Week can reveal that it is also removing the world imagery designs from check-ins and all printed matter to bring greater consistency and unity to the BA brand through a more controlled identity.

“FutureBrand is working with us to revise graphics,” a spokeswoman confirms. The changes will take place over the next 18 months, she adds.

Check-ins in the UK have already had the images removed. “The [check-ins] are already quite neutral. Outside the UK some still carry the world image branding, but we will replace those as the World Traveller Plus brand rolls out,” the spokeswoman says.

BA’s other icon, aside from the Union Flag, its speedmarque, which is a ribbon effect visual, will be applied to baggage tags, business cards, ticket wallets and boarding cards.

FutureBrand aviation practice director Gerrie Smith was unavailable for comment as Design Week went to press.

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