L for elements of elegance

Langham Productions is an independent production company which has given us TV programmes such as The Paranormal World of Paul McKenna and The Discovery Channel’s Connections series presented by James Burke.

‘The old logo did not reflect what the company represented,’ says Plume Productions senior designer Dominique Martelle, who worked on the new on- and off-screen identity. Consultancy creative director Richard Morrison oversaw the project.

Langham, which is part of the Man Alive Group, not only deals with scientific programmes, it also has an entertainment and documentary output. And it was felt that this broader programming was not reflected in the old marque.

‘They asked us to come up with something a little abstract yet elegant, and in keeping with the Man Alive identity,’ says Martelle.

The L is in Clarendon typeface to reflect stable and solid qualities without being too serious.

The deep red identity is being applied to stationery and will appear on-screen. The colour is darker and richer for the screen to stop it flaring or smudging.

Designer: Plume Productions

Client: Langham Productions

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