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Amanda Lake continues her monthly selection of graphics projects which feature striking illustration

Tom Lardner designed the illustration for Ministry of Sound’s Drop103 campaign for the once a month Hip Hop night. Scott Parker, art director of Ministry of Sound explains why Lardner was commissioned. ‘Tom’s style is completely suitable for the Hip Hop scene – it has the right feel for the night, which was what we were after.’

Tom Lardner

Tel: 0171-607 5479.

The 1997 BBC Proms Guide was illustrated by Jeff Fisher. According to Anthony Green, partner of Ideology, Jeff was chosen as he was considered the best person to capture the excitement of the festival through his painterly style.

Jeff Fisher c/o CIA

Tel: 0171-240 8925.

Daniel Mackie illustrated an extract from the story These Demented Lands by Alan Warner, published in GQ magazine. Sharon Ball, then GQ’s design director, chose Mackie because ‘I’ve always loved his work, it’s really interesting. The story is surreal, just like Daniel’s work.’

Daniel Mackie Tel: 0181-460 1611.

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