Three simple things inspire on a daily basis. The second is my Brompton bicycle. It transports me effortlessly and with dignity across London and beyond. It is beautiful, compact and elegant. The third is my Chanel No 5. The clean graphics, the Modernist bottle and the way the top makes a satisfying and feminine ‘click’ when replaced. Sublime on every level. Neither could be improved upon. This is good design at work.

But let’s look at the more generic number one. The first sight which, on opening my wardrobe in the morning, gives me a frisson of pleasure is the evenly spaced regiment of identical hangers that keep my clothes perfectly placed, perfectly creased, perfectly hung. The blissful repetition of sensuous, stainless steel curves that sit lightly on the rail, reflecting the morning light with even, perfectly positioned stars. Each a gleaming crescent of metal that slopes gently into a black, rubber-covered horizontal, from which my clothes hang so naturally.

The satisfaction of visual and sartorial order and balance is a simple pleasure, derived from an elegantly crafted, utilitarian yet decadently sexy storage accessory. Someone, somewhere designed it. Whoever you are, wherever you are – thank you.

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  • Caroline Robinson November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    There is only one thing nicer than a Brompton – a Cadenza Dahon – balanced, beautiful machine with ‘real’ sized wheels… and I can get it in the back of my tiny Nissan Micra. Race you up Muswell Hill!!

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