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London Underground’s Central Line is known for its delays, so it’s great that Stickers on the Central Line is keeping the public entertained. Since April, new stations such as Bethnal Control, Westfield Mall and Shepherd’s Pie has adorned the red line. Even Kate Middleton was awarded a Royal stop for the Royal Wedding.
One of our favourite designers right now is Ben Drury, and he has launched a new website. The site displays his work on an invisible conveyor belt, and each piece can be selected. DW’s art director Sam Freeman feels Drury’s work is ’constantly evolving in style, his typography is outstanding and he has void of trend vision’.
Shiver me timbers this New York Times piece looks at how the skull and crossbones emblem became an international marker in the 1700s for pirates. It explores the symbol’s history, tracing how pirates worldwide adopted it as a successful exercise in collective branding.
This is a clever and creative cataloguing idea, developed by CIC using page flip. CIC has created its annual review, looking back over the past year in a beautifully displayed online flip book. The group’s creative musings are presented in a nifty and visually immersive way.

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