Hive’s new smart bulb will let you control your lights away from home

The Hive Active Light is the latest in a portfolio of connected home products from British Gas company Hive, and will allow users to schedule their lights via a smartphone app.

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British Gas connected home product Hive has launched a smart light bulb which will enable users to control their house lights from their phone.

Hive Active Light looks similar to an ordinary light bulb, and is fitted in the same way, but can be connected up to the Hive iOS and Android app, enabling scheduling. Lights must be physically turned on at the switch in order to be controlled by the Hive app.

Can help “reduce energy bills”

The bulb is available both as a screw-in and a bayonet, and claims to be energy efficient. Hive says each bulb offers 25,000 hours of life.

Designed by Hive’s in-house creative team, Hive says the bulb will help users save energy because lights can be controlled remotely, enabling them to “reduce their energy bills”. It adds that it can help with security, as they can be scheduled to come on when users are away.

The bulb can be set to an on/off function, or to a dimming function, where light brightness percentage is controlled via the app.

Needs to connect to Hive Hub

The lightbulb does not work on its own however, and needs to be used with connected home router Hive Hub, which is the control centre for all of the company’s products including those managing heating, motion sensors, window and door sensors and plug sockets.

Alongside the new product, Hive has also redesigned its app interface, enabling all Hive products to be viewed on a dashboard on one page, which the company says allows for “seamless control” of all products and lets customers “see the status of all their Hive products in one place”.

Kass Hussain, director at connected home for British Gas, says an internet-of-things product portfolio “gives people greater control of the space they love most”, and user benefits include “energy-saving and mood-enhancing”.

A single Hive light bulb costs £19.99, and can be purchased from the company’s online shop, or multiple retailers.

Hive Active LightTM
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  • Terry Adams August 31, 2016 at 10:47 am

    Thinking of getting a hive bulb , I already have a hive hub for my heating what sort of distance does a hive bulb need to be from the hub ie I need to place the bulb up stairs and my hub is down stairs , and also do I need to purchase a hive plug for this ?

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