It’s time to hit industry with strong messages

I agree with all that Anthony Sully of the University of Hull had to say about the tension between “non-designer people” and designers (Letters, DW 31 March).

I agree with the “education” of non-design groups. I agree with the change in higher education to reduce the number of “pure” design graduates and improve the design awareness of other graduates. But what about the current crop of incorrectly trained design students and graduates, all seeking work within an uneducated “non-designer people” world?

And just how, exactly, does the Chartered Society of Designers propose that we tackle this massive ignorance and the lack of relevant knowledge… with “a booklet”!! Come on, to make an impact on the hardened industry people who make the decisions you must hit them between the eyes with a strong message again and again.

Yours an incorrectly trained graduate seeking work in an uneducated world!

Paul Thomas Dickinson



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