13 April 1995

Dennis Fairey provides identity for new airline

The new South African airline AVIA is spending ú250 000 on a corporate identity by Dennis Fairey & Associates. – The airline is being launched in the wake of South Africa’s democratisation, and aims to challenge British Airways and South African Airways o

A Design Week trawl found that:

*Middle-sized consultancies tend to have a higher percentage of freelance staff, although larger consultancies such as Landor and Sampson Tyrrell also use a significant number; – *The consultancies that use freelances tend to work in a few specialist area

De Montfort appoints

De Montfort University’s school of design and manufacture has appointed two new professors of design in its push to extend the international reputation of its research activity. Design industry pundit Jeremy Myerson and James Woudhuysen of the Henley Centre for Forecasting have been made professors of contemporary design and design management respectively. `We need to […]

British Gas reports get the write stuff

Fishburn Hedges designed and co-wrote the 1994 British Gas annual reports released last week – the latest example of a blue chip client briefing design consultancies to contribute words as well as images to annual reports. The consultancy, which won a two-year contract to design British Gas annual reports last July, has written the majority […]

Bury your head in the sand and you’ll drown

Judging by his article, Peter Hall would have been right up there with his ox-plough, smashing the new-fangled machinery heralding the industrial revolution (DW 31 March). His suggestion that designers should disconnect from the wired world has very clear parallels with the thoughts of the Luddites of the early 19th century. The fact that there […]

B&B Italia joins forces with Herman Miller

Leading furniture manufacturer B&B Italia has become part of the worldwide Herman Miller group of companies. – The new enterprise, which is the “conclusion of a strategic agreement between the two companies”, according to a Herman Miller spokeswoman, is t

A Journey: by Adrian Ensor

Saturday 15 April – The award-winning printer is exhibiting work from his own photographic projects, including a series of landscapes.

Retail experts predict further polarisation

Retail will continue to polarise over the next ten years, according to experts and pundits speaking at a recent seminar. But they could not agree on exactly what form that polarisation will take. According to David White of catalogue retailer Argos, there will be “marked polarisation between the brand as a total entity and functionality”. […]

Survey turns to smaller groups

This week we chart the fortunes of almost 100 design groups employing seven or fewer full-time designers in the second part of Design Week’s 1995 Consultancy Survey. The bigger groups appeared last week in our Top 100 listing. The tables were compiled and analysed with the help of Ian Cochrane of management consultancy Ticegroup. For […]

It’s time to hit industry with strong messages

I agree with all that Anthony Sully of the University of Hull had to say about the tension between “non-designer people” and designers (Letters, DW 31 March). I agree with the “education” of non-design groups. I agree with the change in higher education to reduce the number of “pure” design graduates and improve the design […]

Plenty of pesky flies on Claire

Metalsmith Claire Davies has always loathed bog-standard bog design. “Some loos are so horrible I’d rather not go at all,” says Davies, who is interested in the lav as an area for design potential. Her Pesky Flies toilet roll dispenser was inspired during a long bath, when she was immersed in toilet associations. “Flies came […]

No Title

Designs on the mail: Design consultancies, marketing firms and advertising agencies could save themselves an estimated ú27m a year – a potential annual saving of ú3000 per firm – on the overnight distribution of urgent letters and small parcels by using t

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