Newman insists she was ready to join CDT in a flush

Toilets are important, not just because if there weren’t any we’d be without a pot to piss in (so to speak). Just ask CDT Design business development director Kate Newman.

She may not be impressed with news of P&G’s decision to slash its sheet count on toilet rolls (see above), but she’s very impressed with the bogs at CDT. So impressed, in fact, she cites them as one of the reasons she took the job.

Although she denies leaving her last job at Corporate Edge because of the state of itstoilets, she concedes that itwas ‘probably mypersistence that got themredesigned’.

Toilets say ‘a lot abouta place’, she adds.

Quite, Kate, butit’s your obsessionwith toilets and what it says about you that’s worrying us.

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