The UK industry is doing well and nurturing its talent

Having just completed our most successful colleges week ever at D&AD Congress 2006, we were surprised to read the wraparound cover announcing what appears to be the imminent demise of the British design industry (DW 29 June).

We feel it necessary to talk about how successfully our design industry is already supporting both our creative practitioners and the stars of tomorrow.

Glenn Tutssel touches on this in his article on investing in the future (DW 29 June) by describing how effective and responsible student placements are run by many of our leading design consultancies.

Responsible placements are key to the successful future of our designers. This is why we embed them within college courses through the D&AD Clinic programme and ensure that they move into professional life via the D&AD Graduate Placement Scheme.

We have worked successfully with our leading education institutions and design and advertising practitioners for the past 30 years, to help ensure that British design and advertising remains among the best in the world.

Meanwhile, D&AD’s Professional Development Programme continues to expand exponentially, with more than 100 leading design consultancies and advertising agencies supporting the creative development of their teams by sending them on D&AD Workouts.

In short, creative practice and education in the UK is in good shape, and we should do more to support the great work that is going on out there, rather than implying that a proactive industry and education system, that already does a great deal and produces the best young creative minds in the business, is somehow amiss.

Of course, we can always do more.

Michael Hockney, Chief executive, D&AD, and Garrick Hamm, Education chairman, D&AD, London SE11

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