NB Studio drafts Tate event guide

The Tate is set to launch the first comprehensive events and exhibitions guide for its four UK galleries this week, designed by NB Studio.

The London group beat Made Thought and Kathryn Samson Associates to the five-figure project, following a paid strategic pitch in February.

‘The aim was to bring together the activities at our galleries – exhibitions, displays, talks, courses and films – into one publication. It’s the first time we’ve done this,’ explains Tate design manager Jane Scherbaum.

NB Studio was tasked with creating a piece of work that was ‘visually exciting, clear navigationally and had a good balance between images and text – and was not just a listings guide’, she adds.

According to NB Studio creative director Ben Stott, information is colour-coded by subject matter and gallery, and it is interspersed with related imagery.

He adds that the group commissioned freelance photographer Matthew Stuart to create ‘abstract, emotive’ images for advertorial pages on additional Tate offerings, such as its membership programme and on-line site.

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