Zoomedia adds touch to Midas

Midas Yachts has embarked with a refreshed brand identity by Zoomedia, as the company, which sells time shares on luxury yachts, moves to burnish its image and widen its appeal.

According to Zoomedia design director Rob Sheppard, Midas Yachts’ original identity was failing to convince the company’s target audiences – both a young, affluent set and ‘older people who have retired to Spain’ – of its offerings.

The group’s greatest challenge was to create a brand identity that would appeal to a wide age range and would communicate the ‘excitement of yacht ownership’ without looking ‘too clichéd or corporate’, he adds.

The updated look launches across stationery, brochures and the website this month and will roll out next year across exhibition work and sales materials in Palma and Puerto Banus, Spain, where Midas Yachts is based.

Zoomedia won the work without a pitch in September.

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