What should you buy a designer for Christmas?

Stuck for present ideas for the designer in your life? Here are some suggestions.

Alan Dye, creative director, NB Studio
Alan Dye, creative director, NB Studio

“A lifetime membership to the V&A (already interesting to a designer as it has the best designed logo in the cosmos).

This would include exclusive tours by the curators and experts of every room, showing every nook and cranny of the V&A. This membership would give you access to the vaults and archives any time, 24 hours a day.

Once you had seen absolutely everything, the only thing to do would be turn around around and start all over again… It would be like having a new Christmas present every day.”

Gavin David Edwards, user experience director & partner, Else
Gavin David Edwards, user experience director & partner, Else

Personally I’d buy them a design classic, but something practical.

I have a bunch of everyday objects on my desk I need to use – but loathe to use. Things that were bought out of need but became a rushed or unconsidered purchase such as this horrific calculator I’m looking at now.

I should be using Dieter Rams Braun BNE001BK Calculator – please pop one under my tree this year Santa.”

Sebastian Bergne, designer
Sebastian Bergne, designer

The ratio of 1:1.618 was first observed by the ancient greeks as the ‘ideal’ proportion. Studied and utilised by many great artists and scientist such as Euclid, Fibonacci, Da Vinci, Dali and Mondrian it is still considered by many as the key to beauty and perhaps even a balanced life.

This ‘Remember the Golden Section‘ key ring or charm makes sure us designers always have this important number to hand.”


Jamie Wieck, co-director, Those
Jamie Wieck, co-director, Those

“I would visit PaperJam to purchase a drawing by Anthony Burrill, Fred Deakin or Malika Favre, and watch it drawn for me live by the Woodpecker drawing machine.”

Camilla Westergaard, content editor, Folksy

“Ooh designers are tricky to buy for. They usually know exactly what they want, so if you go off-list be prepared for a well-rehearsed smile and a request for the gift receipt.

Given that, I would go for something made with lots of skill because at least then they will appreciate the craftsmanship.

You can’t go too far wrong with a beautiful hand-thrown mug by Kara Leigh Ford or a hand-carved wooden spoon. Plus they both make excellent Instagram props.”

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