How SeymourPowell created “the world’s first truly adaptable sex toy”

The designers of the new sex toy say: “While most sex toys offer a one-size-fits all model, Crescendo… can be bent to any shape and vibrate in any way the user wants.”

Crescendo in Life

The Crescendo sex toy, developed by company MysteryVibe in collaboration with SeymourPowell, is set to launch and promises to be “the world’s first truly adaptable sex toy”.

MysteryVibe says: “While most sex toys offer a one-size-fits all model, Crescendo… can be bent to any shape and vibrate in any way the user wants.”

The sex toy can also be linked to a music-mixer smartphone app “so that you can literally feel the music”.

Launched through crowdfunding

Crescendo launched last year on crowdfunding site and is now available for pre-order, with a full launch expected next month.

The UK-based MysteryVibe team worked with SeymourPowell on the Crescendo product design, as well as app developer Fueled and sensory experience specialist CondimentJunkie.

The design team say “We wanted to create something extraordinary in pleasure, an area that is so intimately personal and yet often overlooked in terms of innovations or advancement.

Developed by women

They add that women were involved at every stage of the product development and cite a desire to be “the Apple of pleasure”.

The Crescendo sex toy is designed to be totally seamless and can be bent into a number of shapes. It can be re-bent “innumerable times” without losing its shape or hardness.

The sex toy features six “powerful yet quiet” motors that can be individually programmed through the app. An interface on the app allows the user to create individual vibration patterns for each of the six motors.

“Full intensity”

Because the sex toy is wirelessly charged, it has no need for ports, holes or exposed parts, and is therefore fully waterproof. The battery can be charged to run the toy at “full intensity” for two hours.

Ketan Mistry, Lead Designer from SeymourPowell, says: “In creating the MysteryVibe brand and products we considered fundamental human needs and desires.

“We didn’t want technology to get in the way of a quickie or longie! So what you see here is something incredibly simple, intuitive and just more fun.”

Various Product sketches
Crescendo Sketch
Crescendo Outline
Crescendo with Charger full
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