Loughborough University rebrands again following student protests

The university has unveiled its second rebrand this year, which sees the reinstatement of the university’s coat of arms after students signed a petition against its removal in April.

The newly-revised LU logo, reworked by LU in-house design team
The newly-revised LU logo, reworked by LU in-house design team

Loughborough University has rebranded itself for the second time this year, reintroducing the university’s coat of arms.

The new visual identity follows a rebrand in April, which had its rollout halted as a result of a student petition that saw more than 12,000 signatures.

The halted rebrand, designed by Loughborough University’s in-house design team and consultancy Campbell Rowley, saw the replacement of the university’s crest with a pink octagonal shape that had the letters “LU” inside it.

The octagonal LU logo, which had its rollout halted in April
The octagonal LU logo, which had its rollout halted in April

The petition claimed the new identity lacked the “prestige, heritage and respect” of the purple and pink shield emblem it had replaced.

The newly revised logo, reworked by the university’s in-house design team, now sees the removal of this pink octagonal shape, and the reinstatement of the university crest. It has also tweaked the wordmark implemented in the April rebrand, the typeface for which now appears less rounded.

A spokesperson at Loughborough University says: “We received a lot of comments from our students, graduates and staff on the logo that was proposed in April this year, and therefore took the decision to pause the development of our visual identity to digest their feedback and to bring forward new proposals.

“The comments we received focused very strongly on pride, heritage and reputation and we have reflected this more centrally in the latest device, which is a simplified version of the University’s coat of arms. We also plan to make more strategic use of the original coat of arms where this is appropriate.

“We recognise that the logo is important to all those who care passionately about the university. We have listened to the things that matter to our community and the new identity takes us back to our roots but in a modern context that provides the online flexibility we need.”


The new logo also sees the pink colour, which was introduced to the university’s identity in 1996, removed from the main university brandmark – but it has been applied to the branding for the university’s new campus, Loughborough University London.

On the pink colour, the spokesperson says: “When included in the new logo (which we tested), the consensus was that it didn’t work. It will however remain a primary colour that will be strongly embedded in our materials.”

“The pink remains an important part of our colour palette and has been used to link between Loughborough and the new Loughborough University London campus.”

The university adds that it has consulted with students, alumni and staff on the revised visual identity and that feedback has “generally been positive.”

The university provided an updates to its key stakeholders yesterday, and has begun the roll out of the new branding today.

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  • David Vesty September 16, 2015 at 10:54 am

    Just stick “London at the bottom in pink”… this is not a rebrand, more of a omni-shambles.

  • James Robinson September 17, 2015 at 10:01 am

    Hoped for better for our local Uni – amongst prob’s, the heraldic elements are too fussy scaled down for new media. Greater simplification, and distinguishing elements much needed, for it to have a chance to be an effective logo / identity.

  • Renata April 30, 2019 at 2:02 pm

    Rebrand = degrade. It basically looks like school along with brand loose quality and level…

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