Amanda Levete’s solo show under review

For the French cultural theorist Gaston Bachelard, every interior corner was the ‘very germ of a room, of a house’. In Around the Corner, her first solo furniture exhibition, Amanda Levete seeks to re-angle these unused spaces with a collection of four limited edition pieces designed to de-corner the corner with a fluid, planed organic symmetry. Here she has created North, South, East and West – a bench, a table, a console and a set of shelves – which, she says, are ‘specifically designed to take up these vacant spaces’. Unlike the angles they inhabit, they show off curvaceous tops, sides and bottoms with all the self-reverence of a Möbius strip. This is the architect’s third commission in four years for the Established & Sons stable, which is testament to the breakneck speed with which its design art project has taken root. Whether you regard this new wave of High Design as anathema or economic marvel, it has already become part of the furniture establishment. The largesse of its exclusivity and collectability cannot be ignored. But it must accept that it courts controversy, occupying its own rarefied corner by its very nature.

Around the Corner runs until 26 March at the Established & Sons gallery, 2-3 Duke Street, London SW1

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  • David November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    A shining example of ADEYAKA

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