Inspired – Helder Pombinho, Brandia Central

When communicating something, there are two simple questions we, as a consultancy, need to consider – what’s interesting in what we’re saying, and what’s the most interesting way to say it?

Inspiration is often associated with the second question, although it doesn’t stand alone in the creative process. We don’t sit around waiting for it to hit us and we don’t plan it in advance. All ideas are born by suggestion. That suggestion only happens in our brain when we mix together all the elements that derive from a thorough process of investigation and research.

The most powerful ideas are the ones that come from simple and immediate suggestions. The idea for the Uefa Euro 2012 visual identity comes from three main elements: Uefa’s mission, Euro 2012´s positioning, and the will of the host countries Poland and Ukraine.

‘Taking football further than ever’ is the answer to the first question. The second question – the interesting way to say it – is born from the combination between Wicinanki (a common art form in both host countries) and football. The result is an identity which is original, genuine and has a powerful message: ‘Make football grow in every way.’ Uefa Euro 2012 is a living identity system where everything grows.

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