Referring to public-sector identity work, Tory MP Greg Hands has claimed that modern graphic design software packages ‘surely allow anyone with an average brain to design something as good as, or better than, what we see in front of us here’. How would you respond to this assertion?

What a marvellous observation, and who could possibly disagree? Computers are wonderful things. Due to the snow over Christmas I was sidelined to playing my golf on the Nintendo Wii during the festive break, and guess what? I beat Tiger Woods. So, a new and much more prosperous career for me this year, I think, as I will be able to take my new-found skills on to the course, for this golf lark is a doddle. Just a shame politicians can’t work a computer, otherwise they could have a much more productive role in society as designers.

Jonathans Sands, Chairman, Elmwood

First, using design software doesn’t make you a creative designer. Ideas come first, not software. It then takes experience to craft a compelling concept into a robust piece of design. To raise the standards of public services through design takes time and imagination – and that can be done – but it also takes a client with vision to commission and select design that will make a tangible difference.

Chris Harrison, Creative director, Harrison & Co

We’re going to be getting a lot of attempted deflection from media-hungry, former bankers turned politicians like Greg Hands as this year’s General Election approaches. I’m convinced that he is someone with an average brain, but even he can’t be serious when he makes this statement. It’s a bit like saying ‘surely anyone could be Shadow Treasury Minister now that we all have calculators’. He’s just seeking publicity and all we’ve done is given him a few more column inches.

Michael Smith, Director, Cog Design

All you need to do is claim large amounts of money from your coffer’s pockets as ‘expenses’, while making sure you answer any question with as little meaning or logic as possible. That’s all there is to being a politician, right? So, how much have we paid Mr Hands in expense claims between 2005 and 2008? £302 113 – it only took my average brain three minutes to find that out, Mr Hands. His opinion only goes to prove how out of touch and ignorant he and – I suspect – most of his peers are.

Steve Price, Founder and creative director, Plan B Studio

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