Foyer set to overhaul its website

Foyer, the charity for homeless people, is on the hunt for a consultancy to overhaul its website and is already in talks with several design groups.

The charity has finalised the creative brief for the website, which is scheduled to go live in October. It has identified three consultancies it may work with, but the list is ‘far from definitive’, says head of fundraising Andrew Page.

The website, aimed at 16to 25-year-olds, will feature links to other youth sites, chat boards, an area devoted to helping young people into work and a gallery, Page says.

The website is the final stage of Foyer’s revamp of its entire brand identity. This kicked off with a redesigned marque in January, created in conjunction with Roger Liley Design.

The logo was designed to be an evolutionary, ‘living’ marque. It features images of young people taken from a portfolio of photographs of people living in Foyer ‘shelters’, which will be updated on a regular basis.

The website,, is being revised to incorporate the logo from the beginning of April, which will be carried out in-house prior to the full-scale overhaul with an external consultancy in the autumn.

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