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Around 18 per cent of office space in London is currently standing empty, with the most high profile victim being the Swiss Re building, aka the Erotic Gherkin. If price was no object and the space was available, where would your ideal office be and why?

‘Right now a bigger studio in Glasgow’s Merchant City would be ideal. But like most small businesses, it’s better to buy space than to rent it and there is very little of that around. It is irksome that a large amount of vacant property belongs to the City Council, and they can’t get their heads around the idea that lots of small businesses investing in the city centre is better than one or two massive call centres.’

Ross Hunter, Creative director, Graven Images

‘It’s more about what area you don’t want to be associated with rather than the building itself. Primrose Hill, Bermondsey and Clerkenwell were once great unknowns and surprising places to be. Now there is a sea of cloned Muji-type designers littering the streets and pubs. Few places are left in London where you can create your own mark. At a push I may choose Elephant and Castle or Kennington, but I hear that too is now up and coming. Choosing a place with no personality can be rewarding, but you’ll need to be brave.’

Marksteen Adamson, Partner, Arthur Steen Adamson

‘A resonant question, as we’re moving next year. Our initial thoughts were to find an old shop and go with its vernacular: a receptionist at the tills delivering receipts for invoices, shelves stacked with bespoke, handcrafted goods and a team of local honest staff who care about quality and service, obviously open all hours.’

Simon Sankarayya, Creative director, All of Us

‘Sand on my toes, water lapping gently on the beach, a cold beer to hand, cool evenings and hot days. I want the reality of the promise in the ads – a virtual office, with budget spent on proper communications, a private jet to fly in clients and a cool house. Branson’s place on Necker Island would about fit the ticket.’

Adrian Berry, Director, Factory Design

‘Whichever studio we’ve been in is never in quite the right place, but has always been a great place to be, that said: on Monday, next door to where I live; Tuesday, Oxford Circus; Wednesday, near Heathrow Terminal 2; Thursday, in the middle of Soho… and on Friday, near a beach.’

Tim Greenhalgh, Managing creative director, Fitch


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