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There are plans afoot to rebuild Skylon, one of the focal points of the 1951 Festival of Britain on London’s South Bank and a key part of its identity. What other structures in the UK, if recreated, would reflect the UK’s spirit of invention and boost our

‘A series of giant sculptures of world- beating teams. You could start with the 1966 World Cup team, followed by our rugby heroes of last year… and you might as well get started on Roman Abramovich’s Chelsea!’

Franco Bonadio, Head of design, The Body Shop

‘The really obvious one for Glasgow would be Tait’s Tower, built for the 1938 Empire Exhibition in Bellahouston Park. But these are all museum pieces, the James Deans and Kurt Cobains of architecture, and their resurrection is a kind of necrophilia. Real inventiveness would be better represented by the enormous wind turbines planned to create community profits for impoverished Castlemilk.’

Ross Hunter, Director, Graven Images

‘Skylon is a great idea. It’s interesting that the public appears to prefer spectacle over substance. I think Stonehenge is looking old hat now, that could do with the Herzog & de Meuron treatment, maybe a touch of neon…’

Jon Edge, Design director, Interbrand

‘London has many disused Underground stations. We should follow Plymouth’s lead and fill the stations full of water and turn them into scuba diving destinations.’

Mark Smith, Creative director, Start

‘I am not sure about re-creating the Skylon. This seems to be another British endeavour to marginalise its design and architecture expertise by reverting back to what was. Surely we should focus on the future. There is so much talent to be developed, why not invest in it?’

David Chaloner, Consultant creative partner, Conran Design Group

‘There is now a big opportunity to reclaim the roundabout at the entrance to Heathrow airport and replace the model Concorde with a massice Sinclair C5 or a Dyson vacuum cleaner. The largest working vacuum cleaner in the world. At night it could robotically ‘Dyson-up’ all the roads around the airport and in a very practical way, boost our sense of civic pride.’

Marksteen Adamson, Creative director, Arthur Steen Adamson

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