15 April 2004

Cream of the crop

Changing the iconic packaging of Baileys is a high-risk endeavour, but Donogh Lane thinks the new look will appeal to all palettes, says Anne Konopelski

Fault found with London rail signs

Railway station signage is impairing customer travel and designers need to consider how signs sit within the environment, claims a recently published report by the London Transport Users committee. Written

Call for entries

The Consort Royal Awards 2004/5 are open for submission. All jobs printed from July 2003 are eligible for entry. Contact: 0870 608 2385 or www.hspg.com

Dinnis adds colour to Yellow Pages

Yell Group is in the throes of a complete revamp of its Yellow Pages directory, working with little-known graphic design consultancy Dinnis Design. The three-strong Middlesex group is undertaking a

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