15 April 2004

Cream of the crop

Changing the iconic packaging of Baileys is a high-risk endeavour, but Donogh Lane thinks the new look will appeal to all palettes, says Anne Konopelski

Fault found with London rail signs

Railway station signage is impairing customer travel and designers need to consider how signs sit within the environment, claims a recently published report by the London Transport Users committee. Written by the Information Design Unit of Enterprise IG, and focusing on transport within London, the report claims that name signage, particularly within the rail network, […]

Call for entries

The Consort Royal Awards 2004/5 are open for submission. All jobs printed from July 2003 are eligible for entry. Contact: 0870 608 2385 or www.hspg.com

Pei sets the trend for post-apocalyptic design

Eujin Pei gets top marks this week, not because, according to his e-mail, we are his ‘favourite Design Week magazine’, but for possessing the initiative and guile we expect from graduates entering the grown-up world of professional design. Pei’s innovative thinking, plus a mild dose of London paranoia, has kept him up at night designing […]

Fall Off The Wall tailors a brand and guidelines for The Hat Factory

Luton design consultancy Fall Off The Wall has completed the branding and guidelines for The Hat Factory, a local creative community that is being launched next week. Set on the premises of a disused hat warehouse in Luton, the scheme is the brainchild of entrepreneur Andy Grays. The project has received backing from Luton Borough […]

Dinnis adds colour to Yellow Pages

Yell Group is in the throes of a complete revamp of its Yellow Pages directory, working with little-known graphic design consultancy Dinnis Design. The three-strong Middlesex group is undertaking a wholesale redesign of the phone book, which amounts to a review of both its cover and graphic and typographical elements of the directory’s layout. Though […]

Right Guard invents an adrenaline trip for your armpit

It’s a well known fact that real men don’t wear deodorant. So it was a surprise to just less than half of the Design Week staff to see Right Guard’s latest splash around innovation – Right Guard Xtreme – created for the ‘Man Who Can’. Now, from what we can work out, the Man Who […]

There’s still life in the old dog

He may have hung up his airbrush, but former EHS Brann director Phil Jones proved there’s still life left in the old dog after a Sporting Lunch get together with a couple of new prospective partners. Apparently, Jones (left) was keen to swap his suit for a pair of shorts and gloves straight away, but […]

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