Zambian beer halls toast new Mosi label

Clare Dowdy +44 171-439 4222

Zambia’s best-selling beer has been relaunched with an enhanced brand identity to position it better as a premium lager. Label design is Sampson Associates in Johannesburg.

Mosi Lager is brewed and bottled by Zambian Breweries in Lusaka. The label’s illustration is taken from the Victoria Falls, depicting the lager’s name which means “the place that thunders”.

“The coloration is now closer to the Zambian national colours, while maintaining strong links to the old ‘illustrated’ labels,” explains client sales and distribution director Morris McClurg.

The label design has been kept simple to help local contractors keep the brand integrity, adds Sampson Associates senior designer Lyndon Hale.

The launch is accompanied by a range of merchandising material going out to retail outlets and beer halls – Zambian pubs.

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