Feast being open about Jaguar’s creative blockage

Movie-goers and designers alike won’t have failed to notice Austin Powers’ Union-beJacked ‘Shaguar’ in the hit film Goldmember. Thanks, in part, to the eye-popping prominence of that XK8, Jaguar’s overall sales for July in the US were up 73 per cent on last year.

But not everyone’s saying ‘Groovy, baby’ about the brand’s success. A sniffy piece in the Weekend Telegraph by one Richard Feast (not a million miles from a spoof moniker himself – ‘Dick Fest’ anyone?) described Jaguar as having ‘a dose of design constipation’. Dick went on, ‘[The company] seems content to be the Morgan of the prestige car business at a time when rivals are pushing more progressive designs’.

Given her impressive lines and minimal tailoring, perhaps Jaguar should look to Goldmember co-star Beyoncé Knowles for its next source of inspiration?

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