Getty says the warm milk will turn sour in 2004

All hail Taxi 4, the latest edition of Getty Images’ magazine, for giving us the low-down on what ideas will be driving designers round the bend this year.

First up is ‘grotesque’ – ‘insects, medical fetish, gas masks, distorted bodies, bosom tassels’ – because, the magazine says, ‘warm milk days are over’. Then try ‘transumerism’ on for size. ‘Once the bored traveller shopped to kill time, now the travel shopper uses the airport to buy specific items’.

And finally, check out the ‘raw truth’ – brands are being ‘canned’ and folk are ‘sick of slick’. According to Taxi, 2004 means creative work that’s ‘underdone, untreated, dripping with life’. Get to it people!

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