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Neat Net gateway: Choosing the best Internet gateway isn’t necessarily easy. You can do it the keep-it-simple-stupid way via Compuserve or one of the access-providers which charge for all the time you’re on the Internet as well as your phone bill plus a service charge. Or you can do it the way we do it round here, paying only for our phone bills plus a monthly 10 charge and a very modest one-off 7.50 joining fee. We do it on a TCP/IP account via TDC, The Direct Connection, a very experienced and small access-provider which is growing fast. And the only reason I’m telling you this is that they’ve given a number of us – ranging from on-line-illiterates to super-buffs – a good, reliable and non-jargoned service over the past 18 months or so. Which is actually a good reason for not telling anyone. Ring them on 0181-297 2200.

TIFF viewer: Mirage has brought out a Mac/PC image file viewer which can cope with 24 and 32-bit RGB, CMYK and greyscale TIFF files of, it’s claimed, any size and resolution. Cost is a piffling 25 from the company on 015 953 2001.

True visionary: Radius rival Truevision, the firm formerly known as RasterOps, is shipping its Truevision Targa 2000 card as a rival to the Radius VideoVision Studio card mentioned in our main story. Price is a similar 4500. Truevision claims near-broadcast BetaCam quality and the card accepts component video signals (VideoVision does only S-Video) and has 16 rather than 8-bit sound so you can digitise at CD quality. Distributors re Principal on 0181-813 5656.

Big print: The Stylus Pro XL (where do they get these riveting names?) is just what designers need for proofing, says its maker Epson. The colour machine has 720dpi res and prints on super A3 paper. The printing process is peizo-inkjet and uses the Epson Microweave technology (which may or may not be stochastic) to eliminate banding. Price is 1600 and claimed printing costs are 50p a page.

Typo1: Fontworks is releasing the CD from that coalition of independent foundries and independents, International TypeFounders, which includes the Emigre fonts shown here. A nice and necessary touch is the hardcopy catalogue of fonts to which the CD is bolted. Find out more on 0171-490 5390.

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