Nominated by: Gary Cooke, The Open Agency

Item 1: Nest

Art direction: Joseph Holtzman

Cover photography: Jason Schmidt

Client: The Hutchinson Group (Advertising)

Country of origin: US


Item 2: Flaunt

Creative: Eric Roinestad and Jim Turner

Cover photography: Warwick Saint

Country of origin: US

Contact: or 00 1 323 650 9051

Cooke says, ‘For a magazine to catch my attention it certainly has to have more than the usual babe on the cover. Nest and Flaunt are two American mags that certainly push out the boat in terms of production. Embossing and die-cuts featured on the Flaunt cover, it even features half pages, pull-outs and a “build your own Spartanette caravan kit” [alongside a feature]. Nest went the whole hog – die-cutting the whole production. In terms of design, Nest is pretty raw (apart from the die-cut edges), although the content is fascinating and interesting compared with Wallpaper, which Nest actually spoofs on its front cover. An article on Francis Bacon features incredible photography of his studio, by Perry Ogden, which is even more disturbing than his paintings. Flaunt is more mainstream and less avant-garde. Both magazines are a refreshing change from my usual reading material.’

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