What are Titian and Rembrandt doing out on the streets?

What are Titian and Rembrandt doing out on the streets, while Banksy and his fellow taggers take over the museums and auction houses? Yolanda Zappaterra wonders what’s going on in the topsy-turvy world of fine artTHERE’S something strange happening in the art world. Art meant for galleries – paintings, and installations we associate with the […]

The changing fonts of web typography

Web typography has long been hampered by a limited choice of fonts and poor display results, but this could be about to change. Scott Billings looks at what embedded fonts and next-generation browsers can offer designersSelecting the right typography for any piece of design, communication or branding can be vexing at the best of times. […]

Jerwood Contemporary Makers show reviewed

Despite thriving individual practices, the applied arts have never matched the prominence, nor the gallery space, of their fine art cousins. The Jerwood Charitable Foundation is inching things forward with a new show that devotes all 240m2 of its gallery behind Tate Modern to contemporary makers. Seven craft artists, including two ceramicists, a textile artist […]

Jakob Trollback’s motion graphics

Motion graphics designer Jakob Trollbäck started out as a DJ and translator in Stockholm. Sarah Verdone traces his somewhat unusual, self-taught path to a heading a thriving New York studio with a top-name client listJakob Trollbäck doesn’t watch TV. ‘I don’t like the commercials and most of the programming is crap,’ confides the 48-year-old Swedish-born […]

News in pictures

The packaging for Chiavalon olive oil has been designed by Croatian design consultancy Bruketa & Zinic.

Graphic Design on the Radio

Graphic Design on the Radio, presented by Design Week columnist Adrian Shaughnessy, starts again tomorrow on Resonance FM with interviews and music choices from graphics luminaries.

Video Arts

Production company Video Arts, which makes training videos, has commissioned design consul tancy Suburb to create a digital campaign for one of its product ranges, Fish.

British Design Innovation

British Design Innovation has appointed former Reuters project director Malcolm Prescott as its first managing director, to lead the reposi – tioned organisation.


The BBC and ITV have launched a free satellite television service called Freesat, with a website designed by Agency Republic and branding and visual identity by Fallon.


A new Polish daily newspaper, Polska, designed by Research Studios, is launching, in associ ation with The Times.

The Arts Council

The Arts Council is looking to appoint design groups to a new ‘small roster of digital creative consultancies’ that will develop its website projects. The creation of the roster is being overseen by the AAR, and will be completed by August.

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