Students cannot blame colleges for poor portfolios

In answer to Darren Bolton’s questions about the quality of advice graduating students receive from tutors (Letters, DW 1 September), I can only speak from my own experience as a graduate (of University of Lincoln’s HND Graphic Design course).

Yes, my course tutors did go through my work several times and advise me on portfolio preparation. Yes, we had practice interviews with design practitioners from outside the university. We also had alumni visits and ample opportunity for informal discussions and advice from tutors.

I wasn’t able to attend Gyro’s open day as I had another interview to attend; I’m now on a paid work placement. But if I had been among those bringing a disappointing portfolio, I don’t think I would have had any right to blame my university.

Bolton’s comments make me value the help I’ve received all the more. Unfortunately, any students hoping for the same support may be disappointed; the University of Lincoln has decided to close its HND graphic design course.

Nicola Greenwood, via e-mail

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