BDMIX fanfare for Lurpak Butter

Lurpak butter’s ebullient brand spokesman Douglas the trombonist is to be given his own website this week with the launch of, created by BDMIX.

The aim is to attract and build loyalty among consumers who are ‘slightly younger’ than the brand’s 40to 60-year-old core audience and to introduce Douglas to the Internet, BDMIX project manager Alexei Cohen says.

The site includes a kids’ zone with competitions and games, a recipe section, access to the Lurpak loyalty programme, which Cohen claims already boasts 100 000 members, Douglas downloads and an e-commerce facility offering Douglas merchandise such as fridge magnets, toast racks and lunch boxes.

BDMIX has handled direct marketing for Lurpak brand-owner Arla since 1998 but douglasworld is its first digital design project. The job is understood to be worth a five-figure sum.

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