Static makes sense of Viasat

A set of five stings by Static Design for Swedish satellite channel Viasat’s autumn reality TV season will be aired on 1 September.

The project, said to be worth about £15 000, was given to Static Design at the beginning of July without a pitch.

The five-second stings will be used for Viasat’s ‘autumn adventure season’, which will be broadcast to six countries in Scandinavia and in the Baltic region.

Noah Harris, the project’s creative director, comments, ‘Viasat knew it wanted to represent the sense of adventure through the five senses but was quite vague about what exactly it wanted to do with it and really left it up to us.’

The stings start with a statement ‘the adventure starts here’ accompanied by a picture of one of the sense organs, such as the eye, ear or hand, then followed by a more abstract representation, such as the sound of water or images of hard tactile shapes. The final element is a 3D five-pointed star, again representing each of the five senses.

The same five stings will be used in all the countries, with only the adjustment being to translate the text. This is the first time Static Design has worked with Viasat.

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