Rob Taylor – Like A River

Ambiguity. Bravery. Contradictions, unless they’re ambiguous. Dan MacAskill. I wish! E is for everything we don’t know. Freedom. Growing diamonds – true! ’Half full’ attitude. Inspiration – when all the light bulbs ’tink’ together, although the low-energy ones make more of a murmur. J,J,J – joined-up ideas. Keepsakes. Laughter. Magic. Nutshells – with information in. Odd time grooves like Vinnie Colaiuta’s 5/4 on Sting’s Seven Days. Patience – people who make time. Questions. Record breakers. Simplicity – wow, genius! That’s top-three material. Tom ’Ohio’ Perry manuals – the thing is, so many of us grow out of the things we did as kids, why’s that? What Tom does (not like he’s my pal) are things that can’t be done, like a kid questions everything. If at first you don’t succeed É U. Uneasiness. V is for victories for common sense. William Kennedy drummer – when I see him play I smile – one wish left. X Games – park. YouTube – ’How to’ videos, I learnt ’O’ that way. Zzzzzzz – sleep is always good for inspiration, a new day and all that. My favourite – an oxymoron, ’Tom’ for things that can’t be done, that’s what inspires me.

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