Commercial success counters all criticism

I was interested to read Richard Watson’s opinions on the “gulf between innovative design groups and British manufacturing companies” (Letters, DW 10 July). His words did little to contribute to a greater understanding between designer and manufacturer.

From Shires’ point of view, the suite produced with Richard Seymour and Dick Powell is already a commercial success. Consumer interest and advance orders are at extremely healthy levels. Watson’s comments on our inability to “grasp the basic concept of consumer marketing” seem, in light of this, to be wide of the mark.

This success has been achieved by allowing designers and manufacturers to contribute differing strengths. Our product benefited from a synthesis of innovative design and manufacturing, marketing and commercial expertise.

Of course, in any relationship, each party has different viewpoints, not all of which can be resolved. Watson’s opinion that British companies have a mindset that is “one of linear thinking” is narrow-minded in itself.

Maybe he should lead by example and embrace la difference between designers and manufacturers that produces marketable, profitable and, above all, consumer-friendly solutions.

Charles Kyriacou

Marketing manager

Shires Bathrooms

Bradford BD7 2JE

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