Paul West: Imagination

The word simplicity inspires me. Mies van der Rohe told us ’Less is more’ and Steve Jobs recites Leonardo da Vinci’s ’Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’. I have to agree.

A good idea should be easily described or sketched in a few seconds, to anyone. No matter how complex a creative challenge is, an inner desire to keep things simple always inspires me.

I always start with a simple quest for ’What is it, who is it for, and why would the end-user care?’ When answering this, a creative idea begins, and subsequently I start the creative process with a blank piece of paper. It sounds unsophisticated, but I draw or write the simplest idea as a starting point, and gradually evolve this idea with more layers of thought and consideration. With the right structure, this simple process evolves into a thoughtful journey of ideas and moments of inspiration.

Of course, the next challenge is to keep things simple. The simple idea should always resonate throughout the entire creative process and be used as a sense check, as external factors will inevitably try to make a simple idea much too complicated.


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