Explorer Aklak enters into virgin territory

‘When did you lose your virginity and why?’ That question is asked in the latest missive from former-design graduate Aklak Islam, who previously sent to Design Week a ‘give me a job’ letter that, em, stood out from the rest (DW 20 September 2001).

Here is a taste of what he sent, if you missed it. ‘Golden brown male just completed seven-year relationship and looking to start exploring’.

The virginity question was asked by Aklak as part of a marketing push for his ‘thoughts and feelings’ exhibition. Nice to see he hasn’t lost his touch. He also asks, ‘Is there anything that you have never understood and have you tried to understand it?’ (sic).

We haven’t got a clue what you’re on about, mate, but the best of luck with whatever you have in mind.

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