Immeasurable experience is a growing phenomenon

The design industry is in need of an overhaul of its recruitment strategies. Looking at various job ads it’s not difficult to see a trend that’s all too common. Design and advertising companies are placing too much emphasis on the number of years of experience on which to base their criteria for recruitment.

I think this approach is immeasurable, since, clearly, there are too many parameters and circumstances that determine the amount of real experience a creative has gained. I have known of cases where a designer has worked on the same kind of projects for years, yet when applying for a job in a slightly different or more challenging role, they soon recognise that the years of previous experience suddenly become obsolete. Sadly, it’s common to gain one year’s experience several times over.

Obviously, the amount of actual hard graft and working experience can’t be taken away from anybody, but recruiters should be looking at actual job-related experience.

There are also conflicts in job titles and their relation to the number of years’ experience. A junior, say, is required to have at least two years’ experience. Two years experience of what? When I started out, it was two years of tea-making.

Richard Manu

Crumpled Dog Design

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