Peter Saville has designed the new England football kit. Which designer would you like to see turn their hand to sports design and what would you like to see them create?

We’re not very big on football or patriotism, so maybe it would be good to commission a German designer to really annoy all the Sun-reading hardcore English fans. Someone like Karl Lagerfeld – he would starch their shorts and, I’m sure, measure them up personally. We would not employ Hugo Boss – although long dead, he had originally designed the uniforms for the Nazi party. Maybe we would settle with Konstantin Grcic, then he could also design the benches to match their kit.
Paul Simmons, Co-founder, Timorous Beasties

Sports design has become increasingly commercially focused over the past few years, for obvious financial reasons. However, I do feel that the passion, rawness and pure love that people have for sport is very often lost in this process. Wouldn’t it be great if the suits from the Football Association broke the mould and commissioned the highly controversial Banksy to liven up Wembley Stadium and its surrounding areas? The relatively dull walk down Wembley Way could be brought to life with his unique slant on British sport and culture.
Tim Fox, Creative director, Designroom Sport

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