Stuck in a rut? Why not freelance your way to freedom

Interesting comments and right on the button (Salary survey, DW 20 March). My own story only backs up your gripes. I worked in West End sweat-shops followed by a stint at O&M. Yet I was held back because of ‘experience’. The best I could hope for was becoming studio manager.

Once I went freelance, I could draw on my full range of talents. I worked as designer, art director, copywriter, account handler and media buyer. I’m currently working on a graphic novel, logo designs, and Web animations.

I’ve worked for the BBC, the Royal Mail, Coca Cola, Tesco and T-Mobile. Money-wise I earn a higher than average salary. Would I have achieved all this under the studio system? I doubt it.

Jed Pascoe, by e-mail

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