17 April 2008

R/GA’s Bob Greenberg in profile

There is a magical moment at the cinema when the lights gently fade, the curtains open, rainbow shafts of light dance above your head and the movie begins. And in those opening moments, there is often the added joy of a well-designed title sequence.

Green claims face scrutiny

Marks & Spencer is the top Green brand in the FTSE 100, while BP has emerged as the biggest Green ‘pretender’, in a poll by media company Chatsworth Communications.

Forcing accessible font sizes

For years the poor relation of graphic design, accessible print is now attracting a new generation of creatives applying the same imaginative thinking for the visually impaired as they do for the fully sighted. Impending legislation may force all designers to follow suit, saysYolanda ZappaterraLast month, a bill that could impact massively on graphic design […]

Games controllers under scrutiny

It’s tempting to think of video games as experiences that only take place on screen. With a nation upgrading to HD TV sets and then discovering there’s little HD content to watch on them, Sony’s Playstation and Microsoft’s Xbox are busy evangelising the b

Approaching transport brands

Although transport companies are sensitive to charges of wasting money on branding when they could be investing in trains or buses, they still need a visual identity.And changing it is a complex process, explains Dominic MurphyHow do you solve a problem on the Metro – Tyne & Wear’s answer to the London Underground? If the […]

It’s high time that design dropped the ‘fortress mentality’

Why is it that product design is not getting profile, and is often charging ridiculously low fees for its contribution? I suggest that a ‘fortress mentality’ is not helping. We know that there are now plenty of competent product designers in Beijing and Mumbai, and they cost a lot less than those in London. Many […]

Interbrand index shows the value of UK retail branding

In the first of a series of sector-specific branding league tables, Interbrand has revealed that the UK owns nearly a third of the best-performing retail brands in Europe.The branding group unveiled its inaugural Top-Performing European Retail Brands 2008 index at the World Retail Congress in Barcelona last week. Interbrand global chief executive Jez Frampton says […]

Tapping your firm’s talent

In a market with a skills shortage developing and retaining the skilled staff that help our digital consultancies succeed is critical, says Ben HartDemand can be a wonderful thing, and there’s plenty of that to go around in digital media right now where the skills to deliver creatively inspired and rigorously realised experiences are harder […]

Top of the shops

As the high street becomes depressingly homogenised, an adventurous breed of independent retailers is creating individual shops that both rework the past and look to the future. Clare Dowdy examines their appealThere seem to be two schools of retail thought running in parallel at the moment. While the chain stores are taking over high streets […]

Profile: Jason Miller

Jason Miller and I met in March, while making a documentary on design for the Italian sunglasses brand Persol to show at the city’s Salone del Mobile. Miller’s unconventional and North American approach to design made an intriguing contrast to the Italian


Senior vice-president of Unilever Simon Rothon and WPP chairman Martin Sorrell last week referred to how creativity in advertising is beginning to originate from emerging markets such as Brazil and India, rather than from established markets like Europe and the US. Is there a similar shift in design, and if so, how should the UK […]

Stuck in a rut? Why not freelance your way to freedom

Interesting comments and right on the button (Salary survey, DW 20 March). My own story only backs up your gripes. I worked in West End sweat-shops followed by a stint at O&M. Yet I was held back because of ‘experience’. The best I could hope for was becoming studio manager. Once I went freelance, I […]

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