24 April 2008

News in pictures

Bollinger this week launches a Rosé champagne variant in Selfridges, with a look created by Lewis Moberly. The consultancy, which designed the original identity, has created a pale pink pearlised label with minimal typography, embossed and foiled in black, grey and gold. A deeper pink foil sets off the new house marque and black neck […]

Oldham city

Oldham city’s new branding has laid itself open to accusations of copycat tactics on local media industry website www.how-do.co.uk. The designs, by Hemisphere, have been likened to London’s Oyster card and Congestion Charge logos.

Godrej Group

Interbrand has created a new identity for Indian engineering and product development company Godrej Group, to help it compete against foreign rivals.

999 Design

999 Design has redesigned the logo for Purely Mineral. The cosmetics company recently won a business competition allowing it to commission further collateral from 999.


Paint brand Crown is launching a new-look website by Code Computerlove, www.crownpaint.co.uk, which features a 3-D visualisation tool allowing users to view rooms in colours of their choice. The consultancy was appointed in January following a three-way pitch.

Silk Pearce

Silk Pearce has rebranded road repair company ASI as Rhinoworks, in a bid to bring its image up to date with the technological advances it claims to have pioneered.

A sign of the times for cash-strapped local government

So Westminster Council is planning to crack down on copyright infringements of its iconic street signs, and has spent £50 000 buying that copyright (News, DW 10 April).I can’t really imagine that Westminster Council has much evidence that its street sign design has been misused – poorly rendered copies would hardly make good souvenirs, and […]

…and Scotland will surely benefit from such innovation, too

As a group of designers covering a wide range of skills and disciplines, we’ve been pursuing for more than two years the idea of a design innovation school in Scotland, similar to James Dyson’s project in Bath (DW 3 April). Unfortunately, our big problem is resourcing, and we have also come across barriers relating to […]

Aricot Vert

Aricot Vert has been appointed by employment law consultancy Byrne Dean to produce a brochure explaining its offering to both existing and new clients. Aricot Vert was appointed following a referral.

Structural packaging

It’s easy enough to spot the differences between fashion and architecture. In many ways they’re creative opposites – buildings take years of planning and construction, and are generally built to last, while fashion is altogether faster and more frivolous. Buildings tend to be large-scale and static, fashion is personal and mobile. But it’s far more […]

It pays to widen the gene pool

We may live on an island, but our ability to communicate and trade with the rest of the world has never been more potent. In this new global-scale economy, recruiting talent from abroad is a necessity for British consultancies, particularly the independen

Full steam ahead?

P&O hopes to mimic boutique hotels and business-class airlines with its super cruiser Ventura, but the ship’s interiors are dated. Trish Lorenz suggests cruise lines should take a more modern approach to design to expand beyond the retiree market

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